The Weeknd Gets a Haircut reveals on His New Album Cover

There are several ways to officially announce a new album. You could drop it out of nowhere, like Beyoncé. You could spend months teasing the reveal. Or, if you’re The Weeknd, you could commemorate the reveal with a haircut.

Thinking back, we really can’t remember a time when we didn’t see him wearing what we’ll always think of as his signature hairstyle. Much like Ariana Grande and her ponytail, The Weeknd and his dreadlocks seemed inseparable. But now, it looks like he’s segued from that hair era into a new one. Shortly after deleting every single one of his Instagram photos, he posted two images to his account. The first shows his new album cover shot by Nabil Elderkin, with the title, Starboy emblazoned across the top in yellow font. But honestly, it’s the chop we’re noticing first. Since he’s covering half of his head with his hands, we like to think he posted the second photo for those of us trying to get a better sense of his mane makeover. The new ‘do features short lengths on the sides and major volume at the crown. “[I] come alive in the fall time,” he wrote. Not only is the caption lyrical, it’s downright relatable. Looks like The Weeknd understands the urge to try a new haircut for fall, too.

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