Molly Shannon to Hollywood: We Need More LGBT Stories

Molly Shannon loves LGBT people — and she believes their stories deserve more screen time.

The Saturday Night Live legend spoke to The Advocate about the message she hopes to send through her new films Other People and Miles. In both productions, she portrays a mother of a gay man.

“I love the gays,” Shannon declared Wednesday on the red carpet for Other People‘s Los Angeles premiere at The London West Hollywood. She added, “The message is, of course, I relate, and I want to support the gay community in continuing to protect and tell stories about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people in any way that I can.”

Shannon stressed that the fight for LGBT visibility is not over in Hollywood. She’s right. As the media organization GLAAD noted in a recent report, LGBT characters are still few and far between in movies produced by major studios.

“We must continue,” Shannon said. “There are so many stories. To me, that’s just how it should be. There needs to be even more.”

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